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 Family Support worker

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PostSubject: Family Support worker   17/9/2008, 9:49 am

I just have to say that i am VERY pleased with our family support worker thumbup

He is a fantastic guy who i feel genuinely believes the same as me, EN centre and so on! He has seen T in so many different moods that he says its nothing to do with my parenting, he wants CAMHS involved and he is calling them 2moro to chase them up about getting into school and sorting his needs once and for all, as it cant go on like this.

T is fighting for things he shouldnt fight for but wen people think they can treat T like a NT child, this is clearly not going to work or sink in. He needs specific individual help with how to interact appropriately and without hurting others.

Like on Monday T went bounding into the playground and started screaming/growling/roaring while trying to chase sum kids who didnt want him near them obviously his behaviour was not what they appreciated. 2 teachers came out of the school to see who was making all this noise, well this is T all over! VERY loud! one of his targets on previous IEPs was about his noise levels. To this day it is still there and the older he gets it wont be acceptable and he will suffer in the company of his peers, this is what i do NOT want and neither does our family support worker.

I am lucky after all what i have been through over the yrs, that we have such a caring person as our support


Northern lass born & bred!
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PostSubject: Re: Family Support worker   18/9/2008, 4:01 am

Thats brilliant, its so good when we have someone supportive like that.

Ps Im really sorry for the rushed responses today, baby is being VERY demanding xxx
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PostSubject: Re: Family Support worker   28/9/2008, 2:38 am

Fingers crossed he can help! xx
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PostSubject: Re: Family Support worker   

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Family Support worker
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