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 Call from the centre in Nottingham

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PostSubject: Call from the centre in Nottingham   7/6/2007, 8:09 am

Well D phoned me and we discussed why she had put certain things in the report, she advised me that she only just mentioned Ts schooling down south to make it known to my area his probs stemmed from before we came to this area (she is aware of the incident notes from the school in my area).

She also siad that she wanted my area to get to grips with PDA and that professionals may not even know what behaviour PDA children display so thats why she included the PDA criteria for all to read and see exactly what T is showing.

We spent a while discussing things and she is keen to talk to Ts Paed when he is back form his annual leave, which is Monday coming, she needs to discuss Ts brain scan and also having and OT set up for T. I was happy with this and i see what the prob is, T is definately PDA among many other things but because his PDA is rife and not known nationwide as yet she feels that this way the professionals in my area have a chance to get to grips with it and realise exactly what to look for.

I didnt hold back in saying that i know for a fact that professionals in my area have lied and thats why they have noted within the report the discrepancy of the SALT results they have compared to what my area said their findings were (hence them saying T didnt need a SALT!) I told her i knew T had a language impairment but it seems that i dont know my child aswel as them 'so called professionals' and i wont ever let anymore professionals hinder the help and support T needs.

She said she spoke with Ts SW and that funding will be sorted for the sessional worker to continue working with T, she said the SW will be intouch (this was yesterday) yeah right! she hasnt called me or nothing! not suprising when it comes to SS as we all know!!!!

Time will tell eh! and all i can do is hope and pray things move on, also D said she would be happy to speak with the SENCO at the school T will be going to to educate them about Ts probs along with educate them about PDA. Also she asked if she could send the report to the Educational Psychology Dept and i told her yes no prob aslong as the pathetic EP who made DISGUSTING comments about Ts behaviour in the past and who dismissed Ts probs is not involved, i explained again i dont have time for pepole who have failed my son, i intend to move on and not have 'so called
professionals' fail my son anymore.

Northern lass born & bred!
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Call from the centre in Nottingham
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