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 New health fears over big surge in autism

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PostSubject: New health fears over big surge in autism   8/7/2007, 3:52 am

Im not suprised at all and the longer the pro's try to hide the fact the more detrimental it is to our kids and adults who have not yet been dx.

Kebab i am so pleased u got a dx aged 22, can u imagine where u would be now without knowing? it doesnt bare thinking about!

I worry for the growing number of kids who are being excluded and branded naughty and rude without being understood when they clearly have an ASD, just like T and i was told when he was 4 (he was still threatened with lunchtime exclusion!) but for many yrs before me and nursery/school were at a loss resulting in the school asking me for help! It goes to show how desperate even schools get when children are not being assessed and dx.,,2121521,00.html

Northern lass born & bred!
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New health fears over big surge in autism
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