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PostSubject: Oh....FINALLY!   26/9/2007, 10:29 am

Well, yesterday was D-Day....that's Dentist Day for the unaware!

Charlotte finally managed on the third attempt (the previous efforts weren't really her fault!) to get herself admitted into the hospital to have 2 teeth removed. affraid

She actually ended up having 4 out as 2 at the front were really wobbly and could have posed a problem (so the dentist said) so they got oicked out as well.

Charlotte was a complete star and only got distressed when all the theatre staff started talking to her (she hates that, as she's panicking about any demands they might make of her, bless her heart) and they had to put the mask over her face. She didn't like that 1 little bit, but then find me a 5 year old who WOULD be happy about it. It must be so scary....

I was so proud of her proud as she was so brave. I love you I would have been a total wuss if it was me!!

Anyway, I hope that the Tooth Fairy had the Easter Bunny riding shotgun with her last night as Charlotte was ecstatic to find FOUR pound coins under her pillow this morning...(Blimey, thinks I, this is going to cost me a fortune! I'm gonna have to superglue the rest on until I can save up some more money! Laughing )

She's back at school tomorrow....I will miss her. Today has been great fun and it's almost as if it didn't happen! Wish I had such a great recovery rate. Kids do seem to bounce back, don't they?
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PostSubject: Re: Oh....FINALLY!   26/9/2007, 2:01 pm

Thats brilliant news, Im really pleased it went so well thumbup huge congratulations to your brave little girl yahoo
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PostSubject: Re: Oh....FINALLY!   27/9/2007, 1:07 am

Well done C! yahoo clapping thumbup what a star!

I bet ur sooooooooo proud of ur girl being so brave and coping Very Happy

Northern lass born & bred!
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PostSubject: Re: Oh....FINALLY!   

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