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 T will be sedated....

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PostSubject: T will be sedated....   9/11/2007, 1:08 pm

when he has brain (MRI) & tummy scans along with blood tests.

We went to the appointment and i wont go into it but it was rough getting to the hospital. When there he tried to run but i managed to get him then distracted his attention to something else.

It was difficult getting him in the examination room but we did in the end, managed to get him to show Paed his under arms and private area without much fuss thumbup

Paed said ok we will need to scan his stomach and his brain, he said we there is no point trying to get blood when he is awake and for the scans he doubted T would stay still, he said T will have to be sedated and at the same time they will take blood. He went on to say that Precocious Puberty is more common in girls than boys and for a boy of Ts age to be showing these signs could be an indication of an underlying problem and thats why it needs investigating.

Im not gonna lie and say im fine coz im not, my baby has always been in some sort of pain for years, he said to me today 'mum tell the doctor to get a knife and cut me open like they do when women have babies, then they can get it out of me what is hurting my tummy' Sad

I go away next wkend the Paed said i deserve it and to have a good time, i will do be sure about that, i realise i cant help what is inevitable so im gonna have a good old rest on hol ready to face it all when im back home.

Northern lass born & bred!
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PostSubject: Re: T will be sedated....   10/11/2007, 1:35 am

Awwwww bambi hugggsss
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PostSubject: Re: T will be sedated....   10/11/2007, 4:31 pm

hugging hugging hugging
Nothing I can think of to say Bambi that might help, but I am thinking of you and T.....
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PostSubject: Re: T will be sedated....   

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T will be sedated....
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