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PostSubject: CAMHS   CAMHS Icon_minitime21/10/2008, 2:42 pm

Hi guys

Well as u can imagine life is kinda hectic now im working and shopping for work clothes! just thought i wud update ya.

We have been waiting for T to start back at sch and for them (CAMHS) to observe him in school and take it from there. Well last week T had a bad spell as u know and from that his Paed has contacted them direct for immediate help.

Well 2day unbeknown to me they were coming to see me and they just caught me as i was going to pick T up from sch, they said they wud wait. So as we were approaching the house (they were sat in car on our st) T stopped in the middle of the road and started doing a provacative dance while touching his private parts.T assumed they were in the house and had no idea the ladies were waiting in the car, not suprising she said it was nice to have met him and its helped for her to see him.

So what we discussed was sch and the form of help we need as a family, she is doing a chronology and will have it completed by this friday and then she wants to arrange a meeting for all involved. I told them that i dont like the fact that i have made concerns for so long about serious problems and worries i have about my son and still now im not there, i told them straight 'early intervention' is the key and i dont want my son a teenager before he gets help!

They will arrange to go into sch or maybe sumone else will go into as he has seen them now they said, they want it done without him knowing and sch better not tell him like they have done in the past, yep sch's have told T before 'make sure u behave when this person comes' and other stuff which i see as all wrong!

The top and bottom of it was its gonna take time but they advised me that they have not forgotten about T or me but things are getting moving and they clearly saw how on edge T was after school and very short with me for no good reason.

I am in court on thurs and will post the outcome but it shouldnt be a long hearing, we just want the right professional addressed to be able to give an accurate knowledgable description of what exactly is going on with my son. I know what is wrong but i need it confirmed before any real help comes, i think until then we will go nowhere until T is too old for any intervention to help him. I worry about what is going on because i still cannot take how such people can be so lawfully wrong in what the do, messing with peoples lives! Sad

Work is great, im really enjoying it Smile T likes going to the childminders and she has also been on courses for AS and she has special needs children herself thumbup

Northern lass born & bred!
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