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PostSubject: IEP   IEP Icon_minitime9/2/2009, 2:13 pm

hi sorry have been so long since i came on here last but DD's behaviour got alot better, but has now gone back to square 1 again.
her big school have now decided to put her on a IEP but i'm not sure if she will understand the concept at 4 yrs old (she was 4 on the 5th feb).
i have discoverd that neither skools have been telling me when she has been misbehaving at skool. only big skool have told me when shes been getting too much to handle again.
has any1 had personal dealing with an IEP at all?
i want to push for her to be statemented now has big skool keep saying they cant afford to have 1 member of staff keep taking DD away from the situtaion i think a TA would be gd for DD, she is now being put on the skools special needs list as shes gonna be on a IEP. hopefully this will help with getting statemented.
am not sure wether to stop letting her go to her montisorrie nursery as they are a child led nursery and are aloud in away to do wat they want to do and be independant, she goes to her 3 hrs on a monday. she goes to big skool every afternoon for 2.5hrs and they are teacher led and told wat to do and when, am not sure if shes getting confused or annoyed that she can do wat shes likes at nursery and carnt at big skool?
its just nice to have a whole monday to myself, clean the house and do wat ever important things i have to do wiv out DD messing about
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PostSubject: Re: IEP   IEP Icon_minitime9/2/2009, 3:37 pm

hi hun my son has adhd&he has been on special needs(school action plus) since age 5, and has been on an IEP since age six,he is now 10 and starts BIG BIG school in sept,school been telling me he needs to be statmented for secondary school but they *cant get him one* the head also told me I couldnt apply cos the school have to do it,what a liar! i think they just cant be arsed cos he leaves in july.
ive also been told "he needs 1:1 support as he cant function in class without,then told me *we dont have the funding to give him 1:1*
there is a general TA in his class who helps everyone and she was sort of *assigned* to help j(unofficially)yet there are 2 boys with ADHD&ODD like my son in his class,one is statmented&the other isnt but he has 1:1&nothing ever gets said about that! explode
the head then took great pleasure in telling ME"we dont have the funding to give j 1:1 but we have given him a TA WICH COMES OUT OF OUR BUDGET
so do i get down &worship them? ranting its only what he needs AND deserves..take it all the way for your daughter hun&dont let them giv e u no for you xx
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