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 Inappropriate touching

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PostSubject: Inappropriate touching   Inappropriate touching Icon_minitime28/4/2007, 2:10 am

Hi guys

Well i have for many yrs now had T touch me in places he shouldnt and try to pull clothing off me. I try so hard not to let him see anything when im going in the bath and going to the toilet, but if he sees me he is immeditately there trying to grope me Sad

Even when i am fully dressed he will come up behind me and try put his hands down my jeans or try to expose my top half, it really is getting me down as this can be anywhere (he did it at my dads ex-girlfriends the other day).

I will say no its not nice and make it clear it is no acceptable but he laughs and still tries to do it. On a whole T grabs me and pulls & tugs on me but when he is trying to touch body parts he really shouldnt be touching it does upset me, more so in public Sad

Anyone else have this with their child? if so what do u do to try stop it?

Northern lass born & bred!
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Inappropriate touching
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