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 Ts inappropriate talk

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Ts inappropriate talk Empty
PostSubject: Ts inappropriate talk   Ts inappropriate talk Icon_minitime8/5/2007, 9:50 am

Hi guys, hope u all had a lovely bank hol wkend Smile

Ok as u know T goes out with C (sessional worker) twice a week for a few hours each time and today they went to Eureka. When T & C came back they had a good time (T refused to talk about it, as usual when he has been places) but she did say he had been saying sexual things. He said a bit while she was here and she said it was worse than that Sad

T has a BIG thing at the mo with boobs! Shocked and it is brought into a lot of what he has to say (at the mo he has a girlfriend who has boobs he tells me) an imaginary one and she is staying with us Rolling Eyes

She said she told T she didnt want to talk about things like that and tried to divert the conversation topic, she threatened him with not going out on Thurs (it was that bad) but it didnt really have any bearing and he openly did it again when they returned home.

I have for a long time told professionals about the language he uses, his inappropriate body touching and how he talks about sexual body parts all the time. Im pleased she is getting it too and when im not around, he can say things anywhere, in front of whoever and without a care.

Northern lass born & bred!
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Ts inappropriate talk
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