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 Curry crazy!!!!

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Curry crazy!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Curry crazy!!!!   Curry crazy!!!! Icon_minitime20/5/2007, 8:33 am

Hi guys

Well T has always liked spicy food from a very young age and now he is taking it to another level, we have had curry 3 times this week!!!! (chicken curry & rice is his fav) and he wanted it again today!!! well i am sick of curry now and to not have to have it again i have said i will treat him to a Pizza, thank god he said yes!!!

His eating is very rigid and when he likes something so much, he wants it day in and out Rolling Eyes

Northern lass born & bred!
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Curry crazy!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Curry crazy!!!!   Curry crazy!!!! Icon_minitime20/5/2007, 12:15 pm

I quite like madras, me. Get a few pints of Guinness and have a really hearty, strong curry and you'll be crapping to the end of the Earth. Wink
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Curry crazy!!!!
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