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 Why do I do it??!!

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Why do I do it??!! Empty
PostSubject: Why do I do it??!!   Why do I do it??!! Icon_minitime8/7/2007, 2:53 pm

It was a really nice day today, so I agreed to allow Charlotte 'scooter' from our local lake to my dad's house.

It's about a 20 minute trip, and she was OK-ish on the way to dads, but on the way back to the car was a whole different box of frogs....

She was zig-zagging all over the path to deliberately get in other peoples way...she was either too far in front or too far behind all the time...she insisted in trying to scoot on the grass bank (the lake is quite a bit lower than the footpath) to see how near the edge she could get...and then when we get to the car park, she legged it! Into the car park! Thankfully, there wasn't a car coming as it would have hit her, no doubt. I grabbed her and she proceeded to rake the back of my hand with her fingernails and try and stick them down my own fingernails (I hate that, it hurts so much!) whilst screaming at the top of her lungs that she hates me.

All this in full view of the mums and kids in the playpark.....ARRRGGGHHH!

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Why do I do it??!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why do I do it??!!   Why do I do it??!! Icon_minitime9/7/2007, 4:36 pm

Bless you both, xx
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PostSubject: Re: Why do I do it??!!   Why do I do it??!! Icon_minitime13/7/2007, 8:55 am

Aww hun hug we do it with hope that things will be ok and to not isolate them or us!

Bless ya and i do understand they can be so good and yet so bad, thats what makes it so much harder to cope with.

Myself i think but he can do it because he has shown he can, but its like something switches in their heads and thats it all out of the window!

I know T can and has shown better behaviour in certain situations/outings, yet at other times he simply cannot cope or do it like he has before, VERY frustrating!

T has bit me and smacked me full force in my face this week and i could see the parents i was with squirm at the violence from him, they will say they dont know how i do it. I feel like a battered wife at times but the difference is i cant get away from it because a partner isnt hurting me like this, its my son Sad

Northern lass born & bred!
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Why do I do it??!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why do I do it??!!   Why do I do it??!! Icon_minitime

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Why do I do it??!!
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