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 T is determined not to go to school.....

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T is determined not to go to school..... Empty
PostSubject: T is determined not to go to school.....   T is determined not to go to school..... Icon_minitime14/10/2007, 1:58 pm

2moro Sad

He is saying no to the behavioural support worker coming to walk with us and for him to go to her with anything at all that upsets him. I have explained to T that she is there for him whenever he needs her and he MUST tell her what he tells me when he comes home from school.

His reply is 'no, i dont want to get bullied and no one likes me' Sad he says his teacher is horrible and tells him off for doing nothing, to T small things are magnified and he doesnt quite see things for what they are along with the fact that T is and can very easily be misunderstood.

So wish me luck in the morn


I will try my hardest but if no go then i cant do anything about it and we will have to get something else in motion asap, things cant go on like this.

Solicitor is aware of everything and i wrote a detailed email to him last night of how the meeting went and what help the school are willing to give, we can only just wait & see how things pan out.

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T is determined not to go to school.....
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