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 Still no joy....

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Still no joy.... Empty
PostSubject: Still no joy....   Still no joy.... Icon_minitime29/10/2007, 6:49 am

with T attending school


The lady came from school as ususal, he was hiding upstairs and refused to come to talk to her, again she had the same to offer no lessons and he can go on computer all day, he is still not interested.

Whatever has made him feel like this clearly makes him feel VERY anxious about going into school. I have been on the phone all morning to try get things moving, i dont mess around when it concerns T but it seems others do and that i cant control Sad

ESW (educational social worker) called this morn and has informed me that she will be out next Tues to fill in the form for T to access the 'Anxious Non-Attenders' support, which will be decided by a panel on the 21st November, they dont meet before this date the ESW advised me.

EWS will find out on that day if T has been accepted and i have asked her to let Grandma know as soon as he knows, Grandma can then let me know, i doubt the ESW will be able to contact me direct while im in the Caribbean. Grandma can u pls post the outcome on here aswel, thanku

I love you

I then had a call back from a chap in Education, i left a message for him last week, i was given his details by a friend of mine who knows him very well personally. He said i was doing all i can do for T in regards to appealing the authority decision of not to assess him for SEN (we have the tribunal date now, its on 14th Jan) and the anxious non-attenders help is in motion which he was pleased about. He said i know hearing me say things are moving and will get there it doesnt help the present situation and he was sorry that he couldn't help me anymore, bless him.

He then said about T getting sch work to do via the computer, its an e-learning package from an outside agency and to call Ts head to ask him to action it for him (he knows Ts head very well and said also that he has VERY good special needs background). Well at least that is something eh and what a lovely man to take time to talk to me about T, im grateful for that Smile

I have spoke with the head and he will spk with the outside agency to arrange for this to happen asap, he said he has heard nothing from the autism outreach service and he will be contacting them again today.

Life is never easy eh!

Northern lass born & bred!
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Still no joy.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Still no joy....   Still no joy.... Icon_minitime30/10/2007, 2:42 am

hugging I hope everyhting goes well when the panel meets, but its ridiculous you have to wait that long. The best advice I can give is not to give them chance to forget you, when dds case went before an LEA panel to move her from mainstream to special I was on the phone most weeks straight after I knew the panel had met to find out if her case had been heard just to be told not today but maybe next time, Im sure my constant phone calls helped, you have to keep on their backs unfortunately (as if we didnt have enough to do already). Take care xx
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Still no joy....
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