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 Still no joy with school

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Still no joy with school Empty
PostSubject: Still no joy with school   Still no joy with school Icon_minitime6/11/2007, 6:40 am

Hi guys

Well T refused sch yesterday and was swearing and throwing things at Mrs *** when she came to escort us to school, she left when he wouldnt stop throwing his toys at her.

This morning i managed to get his uniform on and he said he would go if he could go in library and play board games, when Mrs *** came he was totally not playing ball, he was extremely giddy and trying to run & hide and was swearing loads and he shut the door in Mrs ***'s face and was telling her to f***off Shocked Obviously she went in the end and i had done all i could with using force to try get T out of the door and it wasnt happening Sad

ESW has just been to complete the 'anxious non attenders' form and ready for the panel meet on 21st Nov, I spoke with the head this morning and he said he had been trying to get hold of the ESW all morning but i told him she is coming to our home at 10.30 and he asked me to tell her to call him. I also informed the head that T needs referring by him to the EP which he said he would do straight away.

Now i have to go shopping and with T, my dad is in the caribbean at the mo so no-one to leave him with.

Northern lass born & bred!
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Still no joy with school Empty
PostSubject: Re: Still no joy with school   Still no joy with school Icon_minitime6/11/2007, 3:56 pm

Sounds as though you are really having a tough time with it. However bad it must be for you, T's brain must be going through meltdown every single time. Kids like T don't react in that manner for shits and giggles.

Try and keep your head held high through the suffering and pain. I shall be thinking of you both. Smile
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Still no joy with school
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