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 Core Assessment has come

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Core Assessment has come Empty
PostSubject: Core Assessment has come   Core Assessment has come Icon_minitime13/12/2007, 7:48 am

OK guys the child protection core assessment came today, they have got facts wrong & made out things are fine with everyone but me, so i have sifted through it and noted what is actually in correct information, along with stating what others have witnessed and documentated.

It says on one point that T was in hospital and his behaviours were not witnessed in hospital, they seem to forget, or choose to ignore the fact that T lost it and a nurse & 2 docs witnessed it. The nurse was nice in telling me it wasn't nice to witness but it will help Ts needs and she noted in down in his records for all to see what happened. This was because i asked him to get ready for bed, along with T telling me i was being horrible and the nurse told him i was not being horrible.

These fools amaze me! they also say that i moved T from 5 schools! it was in actual fact 2 schools i personally took him out of & they forgot to mention the school that left him without an education for 6 months, even after the EWO spoke to our GP and our GP advised them that they provide T with home tutition, which he didnt get due to being left to rot! So where they got 5 schools is beyond me! he was on his fourth school when we moved.

OMG! i cant go through it all but a lot of crap in there i can tell ya!

However it is noted that i am providing T with the warmth & care he needs and i showed loving behaviour & praise towards him, of course i will he is my son and i have never, ever abused him! and i think thats clear for anyone to see when they see me with T.

Bit confused as to where we go from here, but my solicitor has copies and he will be the one to respond with my comments. They said they have enclosed an envelope for the my comments form and guess what? no envelope or comments form in there so i had to ring them to get the address to where i send it, all that was there was the assessment and it didnt start at page one, i only recieved page 12-22 and NOT page 1-22 hmm

Solicitor is aware of that too! im not messing about anymore, they have messed me about and not attended to Ts needs for too bloody long now, they will get away with nothing! ranting

Northern lass born & bred!
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Core Assessment has come
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