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 Scans to be done in another town

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Scans to be done in another town Empty
PostSubject: Scans to be done in another town   Scans to be done in another town Icon_minitime7/1/2008, 6:06 am

It dont bloody rain it pours!! Ive just looked at the hospital form again and noticed it says that his scans are to be done in the town i have recently moved from.

For starters its gonna be a longer taxi ride for T to cope with aswell as not being happy about going there and Ts Paed wont be on hand if not at the hospital he is based at, which is in the hospital in the town i live in now.

Gosh so bloody much is happening i just said to my bro i dunno how much more i can take before i collapse Sad my head hurts and so much is going on in all directions.

I have tried calling the hospital to see if they are fully aware of Ts difficulties and to make sure they know what they are dealing with, i have no time for crap. I got no answer but an answer machine, i will keep calling till i spk to some one in person.

Ive tried calling Paed but no joy at the mo and will keep trying, i want to know if Paed has made the other hospital aware of his difficulties.

Northern lass born & bred!
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Scans to be done in another town
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