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 What T said to me......

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What T said to me...... Empty
PostSubject: What T said to me......   What T said to me...... Icon_minitime29/1/2008, 4:10 pm

while walking to the shop yesterday.

We were strolling along and T was being ever so good, he suddenly asked me if he was a bad boy, then he asked if he was a naughty boy and finally he asked me if he was crazy! he asked me these questions with a very dull expression on his face, to me he was being very serious Sad

Now my baby is starting to feel like he is crazy Sad

He is also saying 'not in my world' a lot lately, even family & friends have heard him say this. He will drop it now & again when maybe im trying to make him do something at the time.

All i want his help for T and something has to give before its too late


Northern lass born & bred!
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What T said to me......
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