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 English & Geography lessons

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PostSubject: English & Geography lessons   English & Geography lessons Icon_minitime7/2/2008, 11:29 am

Hi guys

Well as u know T had private lessons this week, english yesterday and geography this morn, within minutes of the tutors being with T they immediately saw he was a very bright boy. T hid from both of them when they first came (typical of T when anyone comes in our home) but he soon comes round.

English tutor says that she realises she cannot force T to sit and do this & that so she is going to follow his lead with things that interest him (like maps and countries) so that way he is unaware of the demand being put on him in a matter of fact way. I agreed with her and said that is fine as i do know how T is and i appreciated she realised this herself. T wrote a little story but then his hands were hurting him and he couldnt write anymore he said. She said his writing needed work on (thats my opinion also, a shame the school have not realised this!). She asked T if it would be ok to come back again and he said yes. I have booked her to come back on 20th Feb.

The Geography teacher managed to have him sit for just over 30 mins and they did about the weather and weather symbols, T then said he could not do anymore. They then did general talk weather and showed me the work he had done, he has a weather chart to fill in for each day until she comes back next week. Next week they are going to do about weather climates in different countries, T is well excited about that Smile

I was pleased with how it went with both tutors and very pleased with T for his efforts, its a new thing and will take time but i sure hope he thrives and gains from it, which i think he may just do Smile

Northern lass born & bred!
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PostSubject: Re: English & Geography lessons   English & Geography lessons Icon_minitime7/2/2008, 12:46 pm

I can well imagine how he led both lessons!! Bless him. xx
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English & Geography lessons
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