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PostSubject: Independent SaLT   Independent SaLT Icon_minitime12/2/2008, 8:00 am

Hi guys

The therapist has just left and she was great! Smile

She witnessed T have a meltdown and not cope with having to come in and do as he was asked, he told her to f*** off' and called her a f***ing bitch Shocked

She took it all in her stride (she works in a special school) and told me that what she has seen is typical with kids on the spectrum, i wish the bloody authorities would see that but to them ignorance is bliss Mad Ignorance is far from bliss for T and its destroying my son!

She is coming back again on Friday and she is going to prepare stuff for him like doing a daily schedule titled T's day, from what she has observed T is struggling with coping with things in his every day life and he needs a lot of structure. Also she is advising he needs a clock to see how long he has to do certain things. This particular clock is a clock which is used in her special school and it works well for kids like T (she is bringing the clock with her on Friday) the clocks vary in size and price but she insists it would help T.

She will be doing a very detailed report at the wkend and after having another session with him, she will state her position and knowledge within ASDs and express her interaction and opinions on Ts behaviour. She said T is like many kids in her school and with him being very bright (he got out his map of england to educate her) it makes people think he understands a lot more than he actually does, just what i have been saying for bloody years!

I will continue to have her help and input (she will be Ts private therapist for as long as i need her) she says that T needs a lot of help and school must be understanding to his needs whether he shows his distress in school or not, stating its not unusual for schools to say 'he/she is fine in school' and for the child to take all the anxieties out on the parent. She also clocked how he speaks to people without looking at them and how he was talking to himself (which he does a hell of a lot i told her) when he came in from outside and went to his room to look for something midway during my discussion with her.

She says he has major stresses and anxieties to which she has witnessed and when in discussion with T himself about school he told her what his problems were about school. She stated that for a child who has been out of school for so long to still have stresses about school and to the extent of not wanting to go to that environment speaks volumes with people who know about ASDs.

She said i need help, so helping T will help me also and i cant ask for anymore than that really. I dont care how much it costs me for this therapy T gets DLA and thats what will pay for it, it sure is better than him having nothing and no-one giving a damn about his needs.

Im pleased with how it went and i welcome her input and knowledge in helping T, cant wait for her to come back again on Friday and T is aware (i have wrote in on the calendar for him to see).

T said 'good she is coming before i go to play with my friends'

Rolling Eyes this was why we arranged an early morning session, just so it did not cause him the stress of not being able to play out, the things we have to do eh!

Northern lass born & bred!
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PostSubject: Re: Independent SaLT   Independent SaLT Icon_minitime12/2/2008, 11:32 am

hooray hooray hooray
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PostSubject: Re: Independent SaLT   Independent SaLT Icon_minitime13/2/2008, 5:07 am

More good news! Hooray!! xx
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PostSubject: Re: Independent SaLT   Independent SaLT Icon_minitime

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