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PostSubject: Interesting.....   Interesting..... Icon_minitime28/2/2008, 2:39 pm

Well my solicitor had a call from the legal sevices saying good news T is at school, he has a 1-1 with the BIB worker and they are doing baseline tests on T.

Solicitor has asked for all this to be put in writing and sent to her asap, she asked him what is a BIB worker? he replied 'i dont know' glare

Im guessing its Mrs *** who use to come to the house to try coax T to school but i was under the impression her title was a Behavioural Support Worker. We will soon know when we get the details through, unless anyone else knows?

I emailed the school so they had it first thing Monday morning, within the email i attached the latest independent SaLT report and i requested a meeting with the SENCO to be arranged for after 4th March which is when T will be seen by the NHS SaLT.

I have not recieved any information about T recieving 1-1 nor have i had a response to my mail and its contents, it would of been nice and professional of the school to tell me they are doing baseline tests on T and giving him 1-1, dont u think?

If i do not here anything about the meeting i have requested by monday my solicitor advised i ring the school and speak to the HT about it, SW also said a meeting with the SENCO is the least i could expect.

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