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 T opened up last night....

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T opened up last night.... Empty
PostSubject: T opened up last night....   T opened up last night.... Icon_minitime1/3/2008, 2:39 am

about what had happened in school.

T as usual, does not realize what he has done and goes on like a totally different child (Jekyll & Hyde, like i have said for many yrs also) he sat reading the TV listings mag to check what he can watch tomorrow (italian football or any football that is on) we then sat together and had a cuddle (like i said you would not believe it was the same child) and he started to tell me about what happened at school.

'golden time' did not happen (golden time is when the children can chose an activity of their choice as a treat and on Friday's only) T being obsessed with football like he is, obviously chose football but it did not happen due to the wet weather yesterday. Also in Literacy they had to do some work (T said it was a test) and the teacher said to him that he needs get on with his work, that he is too slow along with he needs to work faster and he is to stop copying other children's work. T then said to me in an angry tone 'i copy because i don't know what to do!'.

I dont know how many times i need to spell it out to people, i know my son better than anyone and all through his school life he has always been very slow at writing (at his first ever parents evening aged 5 yrs, this was pointed out to me and i have kept an eye on it over the years, being the caring parent that i am) and to this day it is the same. The indendepent Literacy teacher that has recently been to my home noticed this also along with how poor his handwriting is, this again is nothing i do not know and i know he needs desperate help in this area. As for copying because he does not know what to do is also something i know being the devoted parent that i am, T finds it very hard to put down on paper what he needs to, even in maths/numeracy he can work the sum out in his head VERY quick but ask him to put it down on paper how he worked it out is another story and difficult for him to do. I always take a very keen interset in T's work because his education is very important to me. I will sit and i look at his school work books in great detail, i know where my son struggles and to get the help he needs for his individual difficulties is proving very difficult when his needs are not recognized for what they really are. So in literacy having to put words down on paper when this is VERY difficult for T will obviously be very hard for him and copying what other children are doing is a far more easy option given the fact this does not come easy to T at all.

At what cost does my son need to conform to something he simply cannot do without the specific individual help he needs? At a cost of what happened in my home after school yesterday and that cost is not how i want life to be for him or myself, my son needs help before it is too late.

Northern lass born & bred!
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T opened up last night.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: T opened up last night....   T opened up last night.... Icon_minitime6/3/2008, 2:00 pm

Bless you both. It beggars belief that so many of you have to suffer so much for so long. xx
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T opened up last night....
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